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"In 1997 while praying in my prayer room, God prompted me to pray for a specific nation, England. I complained that I did not know how to pray for an entire nation. The Lord began to show me, in a gentle way, the specific things I was to pray for regarding England. After several months, the Lord spelled an unfamiliar word (to me) in my mind: Leicester. He explained that it was a city in England for which I was to pray. I began to pray for that city, claimed it for Christ and prayed for lost souls. He revealed to me that there was a small group praying in Leicester. He called me to join them in prayer, even from a place so distant, across the Atlantic.


God soon pressed me to contact these people. I simply wrote a letter and asked someone for a list of all the churches in the area and got into contact with a group with the name ‘Christ for Leicester’. Soon after I had contacted them, I received a unique vision that was to begin my personal journey in establishing Walls of Prayer. I was shown by the Holy Spirit that the city of Leicester had a dark cloud over it and the only way to break through this cloud was through prayer. I had no idea how to do it. I inquired around and discovered a ministry called the Watchman’s Prayer Ministry designed by Larry Thompson.


It was a simple system whereby people prayed in one-hour segments and when all 168 hours in a week were covered specifically, unceasing prayer would be established. I discovered a church doing it and knew this was possible in Leicester as well. I went to Leicester to cast the ‘watchmen’ vision and invited dedicated intercessors to pray on a wall of prayer for the city. There were several meetings and within a week we had built almost an entire wall. The watchmen prayer ministry was launched and more watchmen were added."

Phil Bennett

Founder of Prayer Walls

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