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Below are some questions we often get asked about Watchmen on the Wall. If you have any other questions please contact us.

What is a Watchman? 


A Watchman is someone who wants to pray and intercede for the city and county at least an hour a week.  They can be any age, any sex, any nationality and from any church or denomination. Monthly prayer points are sent out by either email or post to aid you in your praying. Watchmen can double up on Prayer Slots if that is their preferred time. Also if you can not commit to a regular hour, you can become a Capstone and pray at any hour during the week

What does being a Watchman involve?

As a Watchman you will be committing to pray for one hour a week, on a specified day and time for God's Kingdom to come in the city and county of Leicester/shire. 

What support is given to Watchmen?


A prayer guide is sent to you every month with prayer requests, reports of answers to prayer and other encouraging news.  You are also invited to a prayer meeting on the second Saturday of February, May, August and November at the Central Baptist Church, Charles Street, Leicester, LE1 1EB from 2:30pm – 4:30pm.  Join us for a powerful time of corporate intercession and a great opportunity for you to meet with others who are standing in prayer with you.


How do you become a Watchman?

The process for becoming a Watchman is easy.  All you need to do is pick a prayer slot that is free and suits you, fill in a commitment form, and then get to prayer.  We’ll take you through this process step by step. Join Watchmen by first picking your slot, and then filling out a commitment form.

Can I still be a Watchman if I can't commit to a regular pray slot?

Yes you can. We realise that your lifestyle may not allow you to pray in the same hour of the same day of every week. In the sign up process, when asked to give the day and time of your prayer slot just type 'some day' and 'some time'. Then just find an hour each week that works for you.

Do I have to pray alone?

No, not at all. Feel free to pray with as many other people as you like.  Whatever helps you. If you have a group that does this regularly, please encourage each person to sign up as a Watchman.

Where should I go to pray?

There is no set place where you need to go during your prayer slot.  Feel free to go wherever you feel will help you pray. Some people stay at home, some go for a prayer walk, others go to a church building. Go wherever you like really.

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